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Unit 4《Fact and Story》素材1(北师大版八年级上)

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2011-2012学年8年级英语(北师大版)上册素材(含教案和练习)Unit 4 Fact and Story(1) 一. 教学内容: 第四单元 第一部分 学会使用情态动词could表述某人在过去某一阶段所具有的能力,学会描述过去正在发生的事情的经过。 二. 本周教学重点和难点: 1. To use could to talk about abilities in the past. 2. To describe past events using the past continuous. 3. Some very important expressions. 三. 具体内容: (一)Could- abilities 1. 基本用法:表示某人在过去某一时期所具备的某种能力。 He could play the violin when he was seven. She couldn’t dress herself when she was three. Could they speak French? Yes, they could. 2. 基本构成: could do sth. He could ride a bike when he was a little boy. He could not (couldn’t) ride a bike when he was a little boy. Could he ride a bike when he was a little boy? Yes, he could. No, he couldn’t. 3. Complete the blanks with could or couldn’t. Albert Einstein(1879-1955) was a German-born American physicist, the creator of the relativity. He talk until he was three years old. Tiger Woods, the American golf champion, was born in 1975. He play golf as soon as he could walk. Horatio Nelson(1758-1805) was a British naval commander during the Napoleonic Wars. He spent all his life at sea but he swim. (二)Past continuous 1. 基本用法: (1)表示过去某一时刻或某一段时间里正在进行的动作。 I was watching TV at nine o’clock yesterday. Last week we were working in the countryside. (2)可以表示过去预计将要发生的动作,但只适用于start, fly, come, go, leave, arrive, stay, return等动词。 No one was coming as it was a rainy day. (3)也可代替过去一般时表示赞美,厌烦等情绪。 He was always working hard. The boys were making noise all the time. (4)常被用来描写故事发生的背景。 Jane was dancing. When she saw me she stopped. 2. 基本构成: I/He/ She was playing basketball. We/ You/ They were 3. 过去进行时与一般过去时区别: 前者表示“正在做某事”, 后者表示“做过了某事”。 I was translating an article last night. I translated an article last night. 前者用来表示较长的动作,意味着一个过程。后者表示较短的动作。 I was running downstairs, when I slipped and fell. The wind blew the window open while I was writing a report. 由此可见,过去进行时比一般过去时更多见于所引导的表示过程的时间状语从句中。 I met my cousin as/when/while I was going home. 四. useful expressions: 1. be good at 擅长 Ma Lin is good at math, so he likes taking part in math contests. Judy is good at languages, so she speaks Chinese very well. 2. at the age of 在……岁 Children go to school at the age of six in China. I will graduate from a high school at the age of 18. 3. look like 像 The little girl doesn’t look like her father. The rock looks like a monkey. 4. look at 看 Look at me when I am talking to you. She looked at the blackboard but she couldn’t see anything. 5. look for寻找 Last night Mrs. White looked for her pet dog everywhere, but she couldn’t find it. —What are you looking for? —I’m looking for my ball pen. 6. in the style of 以某种风格 She likes to do her hair in the style of the 30’s. in style 赶时髦,讲排场 He is always in style: wearing hand-made clothes, driving a nice car, going to the best parties. 7. respond to 响应 How did Jack respond to your suggestion? The class responded badly to his teaching. 五. 课堂练习: (一)单选。 1. is knocking on the door. Who’s that? A. Someone B. Anyone C. No one D. Everyone 2. My English teacher a class when the police arrived. A. gives B. gave C. is giving D. was giving 3. When Mozart was six, he could play violin. A. a B. the c. an D./ 4. he waiting for you? Yes, he was. A. Is B. Was C. Are D. Did 5. I was my homework when you called last night. A. do B. doing C. did D. does 6. you use a computer when you were six? A. Do B. Can C. Could D. Does 7. He wrote stories the style of Jack London. A. at B. in C. on D. to 8. I could ride a bicycle the age of eight. A. at B. in C. on D. to (二)选词填空。 invent write play be count attend 1. He a long piece of music. 2. He likes the violin. 3. Albert Einstein a German-born American physicist. 4. Mrs. Smith an important meeting yesterday. 5. Tom can’t to 100 because he is too young. 6. Mozart could pieces in the style of famous composers by the age of six. (三)时态填空。 1. It was cold and it (rain) and there (be) no people in the street. 2. We (play) games when the teacher came into the classroom. 3. What you (do) at seven o’clock yesterday evening? 4. She (can) dress herself when she was three. 5. He (write) a letter when suddenly the phone rang. 【模拟试题】(答题时间:25分钟) (一)连词成句。 1. use, a, computer, when, I, six years old, could, be 2. be good at, he, playing basketball 3. just now, were, doing, what, you 4. a beautiful day, it was 5. could, get dressed, on your own, you, three years old, you, when, were (二)完型填空。 Jimmy began painting when he was three years old. When he was five, he was already very good at it. He painted 1 beautiful pictures and a lot of people 2 his pictures. They said, “ This boy is going to be famous when he is a little older, and then we are going to sell these pictures 3 a lot more money.” Jimmy’s pictures were 4 other people’s, because he never painted on all the paper. He painted on half of it, and the other half was always 5 . “That’s very clever,” everybody said. “ 6 other painters did that before!” One day somebody bought one of Jimmy’s pictures and said to him, “Please tell me this, Jimmy. 7 do you paint on the bottom half of your pictures, 8 not on the top half?” “Because I’m 9 , ” Jimmy said, “ and my brushes don’t 10 very high.” 1. A. many B. few C. a few D. some 2. A. found B. bought C. looked at D. took away 3. A. with B. to C. from D. for 4. A. different from B. cheaper than C. hard to D. popular with 5. A. nice B. blue C. empty D. free 6. A. Some B. A few C. Many D. No 7. A. What B. Why C. Which D. When 8. A. then B. or C. so D. but 9. A. small B. young C. busy D. strong 10. A. paint B. reach C. clean D. write 【试题答案】 (一)1. I could use a computer when I was a six years old. 2. He is good at playing basketball. 3. What were you doing just now? 4. It was a beautiful day. 5. Could you get dressed on your own when you were three years old? (二)1—5 ABDAC 6—10 DBDAB 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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