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英语Module8 Unit2《As soon as it’s 12 o’clock》教案(外研版八年级下)

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Module 8 Public holiday Unit 2 As soon as it’s 12 o’clock 一 基础学习目标: .掌握本课的重点单词和短语 vocabulary and useful phrases : ending, beginning , list, promise, zero all over 遍及count down 倒计时get together聚会, a list of 一列,一栏help out帮、、、克服困难 promise sb to do sth答应某人做某事 make plan for为、、、做计划 in the same way用相同的方法 make resolutions许愿 such as比如 at the same time同时 depend on依靠,取决于 二 发展学习目标: 会理解课文,会运用时间状语从句来造句 三 重点和难点 1 People all over the world celebrate the new year. all over the world 全世界 all over China 全中国 2 However , not all countries celebrate in the same way. However 然而,并非所有国家都用同一种方式庆祝新年。 ① However 然而,尽管,不可与but 连用。 Eg:It was raining hard ,however , the farmer still worked in the field. 雨下得很大,尽管如此,农民仍在田野里干活, ② in the same way. 按同样的方法 Eg:那位老师总是以同样的方式开始上课。 The teacher always begins his class _______________________________. 3 It can depend on the seasons, depend on 这里是“受、、、的影响” depend on 还有“依靠、、、生活,依赖,取决于”的意思 eg: ①他靠写作来收入。He _______________ his writing for his income. ②你是否能去取决于天气。Whether you go or not______________the weather. 4 Just before 12 o’clock , everyone counts down from 10,9,8,… count down 倒计时 eg: 我听见学生正在倒计时 I heard the student _______________。 5 Some families get together for a special meal with grandparents aunts, uncles and cousins. get together人们聚在一起,团聚,相聚,聚会 eg:我们将在下个月初团聚。 We ____________________ at the start of the next month. 6 Many families go for a walk go out for a walk 外出散步 eg:当他们在散步时,看见一条蛇。 _________ they _______________ they saw a snake. 7 On New Year’s Day, many people make resolutions for the new year. make a resolution 表决心,下决心 学生们都有已经表决心了吗? ______ all the students ___________________? 8 They write down a list of things , such as “ I will help out more at home,” ①a list of ….的清单, 一栏, 一列 eg: 如果我母亲去购物,她将列一份清单。 If my mother goes shopping, she _______________________things. ②Help out 帮、、、分担工作/帮助某人解决困难 Eg: 他有麻烦,但是我不能帮助他解决困难。 He was in trouble, but I _________________________________. 9 I won’t spend so much time playing video games. spend + 时间+( in )doing sth 花费一段时间做某事 Eg:昨天他们花了两小时练习小提琴。 Yester they ______________________________________ the violin. 10 when they have made their list ,they read it to their family or friends and promise to follow their resolutions 当他们写好了清单时,他们把它读给家人或朋友听, 并许诺遵守他们的决心。 read sth to sb 把、、、读给某人听 promise to do sth 许诺做某事,保证做某事 eg: 如果你完成作业,我保证让你出去玩。 If you finish your homework, I _______________________________________. 11 Do people all over the world always celebrate the new year at the same time? at the same time 同时 Eg: 同时我想要环游世界。 I wanted to travel around the world ________________________. 课前预习: 1、在课文中划出下列的词汇,ending, beginning , list , promise , zero, all over, count down , get together , a list of , help out ,promise sb to do sth make plan for in the same way make resolutions such as at the same time, depend on ,你会读那几个___________________________ 2、试着朗读对话,在不会读的下面打△,查字典并注出音标或问同学和老师,再试着读几遍,仍不会读的词有:_______________________________________________. 3、划出对话中含有状语从句的句子并写下来: 1._______________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________ 3._______________________________________________________ 自主探究: 一、选择填空 ( )1 All the countries celebrate New Year in ____ A the same way B a different way C different ways D one way ( )2 All the living things ____ the sun for their growth. A depend on B live on C feed on D grow up ( )3 I’ll make a phone call to you ___ I get home. A while B as soon as C since D for ( )4 Both of us got to the factory _____ A at the same time B at same time C in a different time D in different times ( )5 ______ I am tired , I will finish my homework A But B Although C Because D However ( )6 Many people make _____ for the New Year. A decisions B resolutions C clothes D list ( )7 Do you know an old song _____ Auld Lang Syne. A called B calling C to call D calls ( )8 He promised ____ play computer games again A don’t B doesn’t C not to D didn’t ( )9 Some families get together ____ a special meal. A with B to C for D on ( )10 My deskmate is in trouble , I want to _____ A help him out B help out him C help he out D help out he 二、单词拼写 1.The ____________(结局) of the film is excellent. 2.What happened at the ___________( 开始) the meeting? 3.His wife _____________(依靠) on him very much. 4.Every year I make my New Year’s ______________(决心) 5.There is a ________( 列表) of names on the blackboard. 6.His father ____________(发誓) to punish him 7.The little boy can count from ten to __________(零) 三、完成句子 1全世界的人都喜欢庆祝新年。 People_________________like __________________the new year. 2现今的孩子们很依赖父母。 The children these days _____________________ their parents very much. 3当他们在等待公共汽车时,遇见一位电影明星。 ________they ___________________the bus , they met a film star. 4一到11:14 学生就开始倒计时。 ____________________it is 11:14 , the students start _________________________. 5外出散步是好的。It is good _____________________________. 6他们很高兴聚在一起。They had fun _____________________________. 7你下定决心了吗?不, 没有 __________you _________________________? No, I didn’t. 8他花了许多时间列一份购物清单。 He ________ lots of time ____________________________. 9我们承诺遵照我们的决定。 We ___________________ follow our resolutions. 10是时候和你的父母告别了。 It’s time ________________________ their parents. 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com!



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