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2017届九年级英语人教新目标版单元训练:Unit7《Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes》(含答案解析)




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Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes 一、单项选择(共20小题;共20分) 1. Boys and girls, don't forget your report. It   today. A. can't finish B. can't be finished C. should finish D. should be finished 2. Don't put off today's work for tomorrow. I mean, today's work   today. A. may do B. must do C. may be done D. must be done 3. Teenagers should   to choose their own clothes. A. allow B. to allow C. be allowed D. allowed 4. People who drink wine   to drive after May Day. A. don't allow B. isn't allowed C. mustn't allow D. mustn't be allowed 5. Though the blouse was expensive, the man managed   one for his wife. A. buy B. bought C. to buy D. buying 6. Shall we   him   from the school? A. let; away B. want; take C. keep; away D. get; go away 7. Many people think that some hobbies can   the way   school work. A. get up; at B. get off; on C. get on; of D. get in; of 8. We regret   to see the movie. Tony said it was so exciting. A. not to go B. not going C. not go D. not went 9. --- A talk on American culture   in the school hall yesterday afternoon. --- It's a pity. I missed it. A. gave B. was given C. has given D. is given 10. --- Look at the sign on the right. --- Oh, parking   here. A. doesn't allow B. isn't allowed C. didn't allowed D. wasn't allowed 11. --- Can sixteen-year-olds drive their cars to school? --- No. They shouldn't   to drive because they are not serious enough. A. allow B. be allowed C. allowed D. have allowed 12. --- Sixteen-year-olds   drive. --- I agree. They aren't serious enough at that age. A. should B. should be allowed to C. should not be allowed to 13. Should a teenager   to get a driver's license? A. be allow B. allow C. be allowed D. allowed 14. Must older people   to politely? A. speak B. spoken C. be spoke D. be spoken 15. How did you manage   what we want? A. get B. got C. getting D. to get 16. It's dangerous to swim in the lake. Parents should   their children   it. A. keep; away from B. keep; away C. keeps; away from D. keep; from 17. Some parents might worry that their children's hobbies can   schoolwork. A. get the way of B. get on the way of C. get on well with D. get in the way of 18. --- Did you talk back to your mother when you were a child? --- Yes. But now I realize I was wrong. I really regret   that silly thing to my mum. A. do B. to do C. doing D. did 19. These model cars   in China in 2013. A. are made B. were made C. make D. made 20. These tents   and sent to disaster areas. A. pack B. packed C. are packed D. are packing 二、单词拼写(单句首字母填空)(共10小题;共10分) 21. He isn't old enough to get a driver's l  . 22. The drivers should pay more attention to the s   of the children. 23. Terrible things are a   things. 24. May I have my own c   of the food and drink? 25. Parents should e   their children to behave well. 26. My family was poor in the past. I had no c   to go to college. 27. Can you l   these books up and put them on the shelf? 28. You should always knock at the door before you e   a room. 29. Unless you get a driver's l  , you can't drive a car. 30. There isn't any danger here. You are in s   now. 三、单词拼写(根据中文提示拼写单词)(共10小题;共10分) 31. We should always keep an eye on school  (安全). 32. He had quite an  (糟糕的) day yesterday. 33. In the modern  (社会), cars are becoming more and more important. 34. We should  (教育) children not to play with fire. 35. We offer free technical  (支持) for those buying our products. 36. Peter's dream is to  (进入) a medical college in the future. 37. Going to Hainan Island for the vocation will be a good  (选择). 38. If you get a  (机会) to go there, please take it. 39. When an earthquake happens, we should run to  (安全) as quickly as possible. 40. Last night he had a(n)  (可怕的) dream, and he couldn't sleep well all the night. 四、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子)(共10小题;共20分) 41. 婴儿在喝牛奶之前,牛奶应该加热。 Milk should be     before it is drunk by babies. 42. 根据奶奶的建议,这汤应该煮上两个小时以上。 The soup       for more than two hours according to grandma. 43. 西蒙后悔打破了教室的窗户。 Simon     the window of the classroom. 44. I think your carelessness must           (妨碍) your success. 45. 我们不能自己作决定。让我们征求一下老师的建议。 We can't        . Let's ask our teacher for some advice. 46. 在中国不允许十六岁的青少年驾驶。(词数不限) Sixteen-year-olds shouldn't   to drive in China. 47. 为了让人物和事物看上去在动,每一张图片较之前一张图片都要有一点儿差别。 To make the characters and things appear to move, each picture       a little different from the picture before it. 48. 我现在后悔吃了这么多面包圈。 I     so many donuts now. 49. 坏习惯会妨碍我的学业。 Bad habits can         of my schoolwork. 50. 你年龄太小,还不能自己做决定。 You are too young to        . 五、完形填空(共10小题;共15分) Many Chinese students think American students enjoy more freedom than them at school. 51   American schools also have their rules. If the students 52   the rules, they will be punished, too. On the first day of a new term, 128 students of Morton High School were 53   home for wearing the wrong clothes. The number of the students in the school is 1,200. Usually only around 20 students break the school 54   rule. So the headmaster, Theresa Mayerik, said it was the 55   new term she had ever seen. At Morton High School, students' 56   clothing such as baggy(宽大的) trousers, low necked shirts and tank tops (紧身背心) are not allowed in classrooms. Some students think they have the right to choose what to 57  , but the headmaster doesn't think so."I still agree even half the students in our school were sent home, because 99% will get the 58   that our school is for education," the headmaster said. "Freedom" does not 59   "being free without restrictions(约束)". That is to say, there is no complete freedom in the world, 60   in the US and in China. Everyone should obey the rules, or he will be punished. 51. A. When B. But C. Or D. So 52. A. plan B. obey C. break D. remember 53. A. went B. showed C. sent D. brought 54. A. dress B. traffic C. exam D. room 55. A. most exciting B. more boring C. best D. worst 56. A. nice B. comfortable C. favorite D. new 57. A. put on B. wear C. dress D. be in 58. A. punishment B. prize C. advice D. message 59. A. mean B. need C. want D. like 60. A. both B. whether C. if D. either 六、阅读理解(共17小题;共34分) A You must meet with some unpleasant things in your life, and you don't know how to work them out. Now you can find the advice column(栏) in the magazine. Here are some problems and advice. Bob: I often can't fall asleep at night. What should I do? Editor: You can't be excited. You can count(数) the numbers again and again until you fall asleep. Mary: I am always late for school. I try not to be, but I am still late. I am very sad. Please tell me what I should do. Editor: You are late for school. I think because you go to bed too late. You should go to bed early, and I don't think you like school. You should find ways to love school. Jack: I can't get on well with my classmates. Please tell me what I should do. Editor: I think you may be too shy, or you are too bold(冒失的). I think you should get on with your classmates as much as possible, and you should be friendly to your classmates. Jenny: My parents don't allow me to go out to play, even on weekends. They hope I stay at home and study. Editor: Tell your parents that you need to relax after studying for a long time or ask your teacher for help. 61. What's Bob's problem? A. He is always late for school. B. He can't fall asleep at night. C. He can't get on well with his classmates. D. His parents don't allow him to go out. 62.   should go to bed early and find ways to love school. A. Bob B. Mary C. Jack D. Jenny 63. If he wants to solve his problem, Jack should  . A. go to school on time B. sleep well every night C. be friendly to everyone D. have a talk with his parents 64. Why must Jenny stay at home on weekends? A. Because she must look after her sister. B. Because she must help her parents. C. Because she has to do housework. D. Because her parents asked her to study at home. 65. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The advice column is in a magazine. B. Mary enjoys her school life very much. C. All students have the same problem as Bob. D. Jenny often complains about her teacher a lot. B "Can I see my baby?" asked the happy new mother. When the baby was in her arms, she couldn't believe her eyes. The baby was born without ears. Time proved that the baby's hearing was perfect though he had no ears. He got on well with his classmates. But one day, he said to his mother, tears in his eyes, "A big boy called me a freak(畸形物)." The boy's father asked the family doctor, "Could nothing be done? " "I believe I could graft(植入) on a pair of outer ears if they could be gotten," the doctor said. They tried to find a person who would be helpful for the young man. One day, his father said to the son, "You're going to the hospital, son. Mother and I have someone who will donate the ears you need. But we must keep it a secret who the person is." The operation was a great success, and a new person appeared. His cleverness and hard work made him a very successful person. He married and lived a happy life. He would ask his father, "Who gave me the ears? I could do enough for him or her." "I do not believe you could," said the father. "The agreement was that you are not to know…not yet." The years kept it a secret, but the day did come. He stood with his father over his mother's body. Slowly, the father raised the thick, brown hair. To his surprise, the son found his mother had no outer ears. "Mother said she was glad she never had her hair cut," his father said in a low voice, "and nobody ever thought mother less beautiful, did they?" 66. The sentence "…a new person appeared." means "  ." A. new baby was born in the hospital B. a stranger came into the hospital C. a new doctor took care of the boy D. the boy came to live a new life 67. Why did the boy's mother never have her hair cut? A. Because she liked her thick, brown hair. B. Because her work didn't allow her to do that. C. Because the hair was good for her health. D. Because she wanted to keep the fact a secret. 68. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The boy couldn't hear without ears at first. B. The boy didn't know the truth until his mother died. C. His parents often encouraged him to work hard. D. His classmates were always making fun of him. 69. Which is the best title for the passage? A. A Clever Boy B. Kind Parents C. Great Love D. An Ear Operation C Happiness is for everyone. You don't need to care about those people who have beautiful houses with large and swimming pools or those who have nice cars and a lot of money and so on. Those who have big houses may often feel lonely and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads at their free time. In fact happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it. When you are in trouble at school, your friends will help you. W hen you study hard at your lessons, your parents are always taking good care of your life and your health. When you get success, your friends will say congratulations to you. When you do something wrong, people around you will help you to correct it. And when you do something good to others, you will feel happy too. All these are your happiness. If you notice them you can see that happiness is always around you. Happiness is not the same as money. It is a feeling of your heart. When you are poor, you can also say you are very happy because you have something else that can't be bought with money. When you meet with difficulties, you can't say loudly you are very happy because you have more chances to challenge yourselves. So you cannot always say you are poor and you have bad luck. If you take every chance you get, you will be a happy and lucky person. 70. Happiness is for  . A. all people B. those who have a lot money C. those who have large and beautiful houses D. those who have cars 71. When you do something wrong,  . A. you have no chance to challenge you B. people around you will help you C. your classmates will laugh at you D. you will be happy 72. "Happiness is not the same as money" means  . A. money doesn't always brings happiness B. money always brings happiness C. everything can be always bring happiness D. only rich people have happiness 73. Which is the best title for the passage? A. Life and Success B. Happiness and Luck C. Do Something Good to Others D. Happiness D Every country has its heroes. The heroes are the people the nation and especially the young people admire. If you get a list of the heroes of a nation, it will tell you the potential(潜力) of that nation. Today in America, if you ask the high school students to list their heroes, their choice would probably fall into three groups. The first group of heroes would be the rock stars---the people connected with rock music. There is no doubt that such people do have talent(天才) but one wonders if one should hold up rock stars as a model. The rock stars too often are mixed with drugs and their personal life is not all that good. The rock stars are rich and wear the latest fashion styles. However, one should seek(寻觅) more in a hero than such things as money and good clothes. A second type of hero for the American youth is the sports star. Again you have a person who has a great ability in one area---sports. However, too often the personal life of the sports star is a bit of a disorder(混乱). Too frequently(频繁) drugs and drinking are a part of life of the sports star. A third type of hero is the TV or movie star. This person may have lots of acting talent and is quite handsome. However, the personal life of too many actors is quite sad and they should not be held up as a model of young people. Today, the rock star, the athlete(运动员), and the actor all have become the models of the youth in America. Really, do you hear a young person say that his hero is a doctor, a teacher, or a scientist? These people are not rich and do not wear fashionable clothes. However, they are talented people who work hard to make the world a better place for everyone. What is really sad is that the young try to imitate their heroes. They like to wear the same clothes and follow their styles. If the heroes of today for the American young people are limited only to rock stars, athletes and actors, the future does not look too bright. 74. From the passage, we know that the heroes the American youth admire are those  . A. who are not bright but are good -looking B. who are rich but are strict with themselves C. who are talented in some area but lead an improper life D. who are perfect in all areas 75. It can be inferred(推断) that the American young people will not admire  . A. a university professor B. a poplar singer C. a football player D. a film actress 76. According to the writer, people should admire those  . A. who are rich and wear the latest fashion clothes B. who can express people's feelings C. whose personal life is good D. who work in the interests of the people 77. What does the underlined word “imitate” mean in Chinese in the passage? A. 喜爱 B. 模仿 C. 崇拜 D. 迷恋 七、短文7选5(5选5等)(共5小题;共10分) Here is some advice for improving the relationship between parents and children. Spend time with them. If they like concerts, go with them. Have a family movie night and let your children choose the movies that you watch. You can have one night when a child chooses the movie and another night when an adult chooses the movie. The important thing is to meet them on their level, on their terms. 78.   And that will mean the world to them. Give lots of praise(赞扬). Children already get too much criticism(批评) at school, from friends, in competitive games etc. 79.   Keep an open door policy(政策). 80.   This is important for developing the good parent-child relationship. When they come to you with something, listen to them, talk to them and connect with them. Listen to their music. It is difficult to communicate and connect with your children if you don't enter their world. 81.   You may even find some music that you actually like. What's more, you can talk to your children on their level about their world. Talk to them. 82.   Don's say things that cause the child to have to defend(辩护) himself or herself. Let your children know they have an opinion and so do you. Sometimes your opinions are different, but it is OK. A. Talk to your children about the things that interest them. B. This will show that you are taking an interest in them, their lives and their world. C. Listen to their music, and know some singers. D. You can help them build their self-esteem(自尊). E. Let your children know that they can come to you at any time to talk about anything. 八、阅读与表达(问答式)(共5小题;共10分) World Book Day falls on April 23 every year. It was set up by the UNESCO (联合国教科文组织) in 1955 to encourage people to discover the pleasure of reading. It means your teachers or parents tell you to do so. "Reading for pleasure" plays a more important role in one's growth than one's family background. Books, magazines, newspapers and other kinds of materials can help us know more about the outside world and perfect us. However, computer games, online videos and Internet are pushing books off the shelf. Some experts believe it's a worrying trend(趋势). Each Chinese read 0.38 more books in 2013 than 2012 but still far fewer than those in major developed countries. Even worse, many bookstores have closed their doors because many book lovers start to buy fewer books than before. However, many people do still prefer reading because it has been part of their life. It can benefit(使受益) people in many ways. It gives us information about other countries and places of the world. It also has a strong influence on forming our personality and makes us more intelligent. The more we read, the more we know. The more we know, the smarter we become. It's never too late to start reading. So jump into the wonderful world of books now! 根据短文内容,完成下列小题。 83. In which of the countries does each person read more than 15 books in a year?           84. Why did people set up World Book Day?           85. What are the experts worrying about?           86. Is it right that each Chinese read 0.38 more books in 2012 than 2011? If not, what's the result?           87. How many books did you read in 2013? What do you think of reading?           答案 一、单项选择 1. D 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. C 6. C 7. D 8. B 9. B 10. B 11. B 12. C 13. C 14. D 15. D 16. A 17. D 18. C 19. B 20. C 二、单词拼写(单句首字母填空) 21. license/licence 22. safety 23. awful 24. choice 25. educate 26. chance 27. lift 28. enter 29. license/licence 30. safety 三、单词拼写(根据中文提示拼写单词) 31. safety 32. awful 33. society 34. educate 35. support 36. enter 37. choice 38. chance 39. safety 40. awful 四、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子) 41. heated up 42. should be cooked 43. regretted breaking 44. get in the way of 45. make our own decisions 46. be allowed 47. should be made 48. regret eating 49. get in the way 50. make your own decision 五、完形填空 51. B 52. C 53. C 54. A 55. D 56. C 57. B 58. D 59. A 60. A 六、阅读理解 61. B 62. B 63. C 64. D 65. A 66. D 67. D 68. B 69. C 70. A 71. B 72. A 73. D 74. C 75. A 76. D 77. B 七、短文7选5(5选5等) 78. B 79. D 80. E 81. C 82. A 八、阅读与表达(问答式) 83. France, Japan and Israel. 84. Because they wanted to encourage people to discover the pleasure of reading. / They wanted to encourage people to discover the pleasure of reading. 85. They are worrying (that) computer games, online videos and Internet are pushing books off the shelf. / Computer games, online videos and Internet are pushing books off the shelf. 86. No, it isn't. It's 0.04. / No. It's 0.04. 87. I read one (book)/two(books) / One. / Two. / Three....; Reading/It gives us information about other cultures and places of the world. / Reading/It has a strong influence on forming our personality and makes us more intelligent.... 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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