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2016-2017学年七年级英语同步练习:Unit6 Self Check(鲁教版下册含答案)




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Unit 6 If you go to the party,you'll have a great time! - Self Check 一、翻译(单词短语翻译)(共7小题;共7分) 1. 经验;经历   2. 旅行;游历   3. 担心;焦虑   4. meeting   5. 跟某人说抱歉   6. go to the party   7. 和某人吵架   二、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子)(共4小题;共4分) 8. 这个周末如果你有空,和我一起看录像带好吗?   you   the video with me   you're free this weekend? 9. 我将寄给你一张关于我的经历的明信片。 I'll send you a postcard   my  . 10. 如果你不参加聚会, 你会错过所有的乐趣。 If you   go to the party, you'll   all the fun. 11. 如果明天有一次考试你会怎么做?     you   if there is a test tomorrow? 三、单项选择(共10小题;共10分) 12. Please remember   down these important words. A. write B. wrote C. to write D. writing 13. We will stay at home   the rain stops. A. after B. when C. until D. because 14. --- My sister is not going to eat many hamburgers. --- If she  , she will lose weight. A. does B. doesn't C. will D. won't 15. I can't understand why you kept the news   for so long. A. for myself B. for yourself C. to yourself D. on oneself 16. --- Shall we go for a picnic in the forest park tomorrow? --- Yes,   it rains heavily. A. if B. unless C. until D. when 17. My sister wants to go shopping, but my mother doesn't agree   her. A. to B. at C. on D. with 18. Linda is lost and her parents are really   her. A. interested in B. afraid of C. busy with D. worried about 19.   , our class won the football match. A. By the end B. In the end C. At the end D. For the end 20. The doctors tried their best to save the patient's life,   failed. A. or B. so C. but D. because 21. I'm waiting for my friend.  , I'll go swimming alone. A. If he comes B. If he won't come C. If he will come D. If he doesn't come 四、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子)(共5小题;共5分) 22. 许多青少年喜欢著名演员陈晓。     like the famous actor Chen Xiao. 23. 假如你没有钱了,你会怎么做? What     do if you     any money? 24. 昨天刘辉和他的好朋友吵架了。 Liu Hui         with his good friend yesterday. 25. 当我有足够的钱时,我打算去环游世界。 I plan to         when I have enough money. 26. 如果你有问题,你应该和你的妈妈谈谈。 If you    , you should     your mother. 五、补全对话(选择)(共5小题;共10分) A: Hello! 27.   B: Yes, what is it? A: 28.   Could I use your bike again? B: Certainly. 29.   Has your bike broken again? A: No, I've lost my key to the bike. B: I see. 30.   A: About four o'clock. B: OK. Here is the key. 31.   A: Thank you. Bye! A. What happened? B. Is there anyone at home? C. I'm sorry to trouble you. D. I hope everything goes well. E. Be sure to be there on time. F. What's the time? G. Nice to meet you. 六、单项选择(共3小题;共3分) 32.   you use your dictionary often, your spelling will improve. A. Whether B. If C. Though D. While 33. --- Do you know if we will go for a picnic this Saturday? --- I think we will if we   have any classes. A. won't B. aren't C. don't D. didn't 34. A country has dreams. We teenagers   also have dreams. With dreams and hard work, anything amazing can be created. A. may B. must C. should 七、按要求转换句型(共10小题;共20分) 35. You like. You can stay to dinner. (用if将两句合为一句)   36. I am free. I go to movies. (用if将两句合为一句)   37. She comes late. Her teacher isn't happy. (用if将两句合为一句)   38. It snow. They stay at home and watch TV. (用if将两句合为一句)   39. She doesn't come to my house. I go to the library. (用if将两句合为一句)   40. Study hard, or you won't pass the exam. (改为同义句) If you study hard, you     the exam. 41. Take a taxi, and you'll catch the train. (改为同义句)   you   a taxi, you'll catch the train. 42. If you don't help me, I can't catch up with the others. (改为同义句) I can't catch up with the others      . 43. Use your head and you'll have a good idea. (改为同义句)   you   your head,   have a good idea. 44. If you are late, the teacher will be angry. (改为同义句)     late,   the teacher will be angry. 八、单项选择(共15小题;共15分) 45. Check your answers carefully before handing in your paper, or your may   more mistakes. A. make B. provide C. avoid D. advise 46. He doesn't   history because it's not fun. A. want to learn B. want learn C. want learning D. to want to learn 47. Listening to the tapes is a good way   English well. A. learn B. learning C. learns D. to learn 48. I did my homework very  , so my father looked angry. A. careless B. carefully C. carelessly D. careful 49. He gave me some advice about  . A. how get there B. how to get there C. how getting there 50. They will lose the game   they try their best. A. unless B. once C. since D. after 51. If she   New York this afternoon. I   New York, too. A. goes to; go to B. leaves for; will leave for C. will visit; visit D. will come to; will come to 52.   you drive, you mustn't drink wine at all. A. If B. Unless C. Though 53. It's necessary for us   to our parents when we have problems. A. to talk B. talking C. talk 54. Mr. Smith told his son   the football match because of the exam. A. not to watch B. to not watch C. not watching D. doesn't watch 55.   we deal with our problems, we can easily become unhappy. A. Until B. If C. Unless D. Though 56. I think that studying in pairs or groups is necessary   you want to learn from each other in class. A. though B. until C. unless D. if 57. --- Could you give me some   on how to learn English  ? --- Sure. Practice makes perfect. A. advice; good B. suggestions; good C. advice; well D. suggestion; well 58. Wang Dong didn't go to school yesterday   he was ill. A. so B. if C. because 59. If there   no buying and selling of animals, there   no killing in nature. A. is; will be B. will be; will be C. is; is D. will be; is 九、阅读与表达(问答式)(共4小题;共8分) Bruce and Kelly, brother and sister, enjoy playing different kinds of outdoor games and sports with their friends. Their favorite sports are basketball and soccer. Sometimes they play tennis or baseball. In just a month they will be high school students, but neither(两者都不) can find out which sport to try out. Bruce is deciding between badminton and volleyball. Kelly is thinking about whether to try a sport she never played, or go with one she knows, like baseball. They are facing a dilemma(窘境)—which sport to play and which sport to give up (放弃). Maybe many students face the same dilemma. For most students, choosing which sport to do in high school is hard because they never played an organized sport before, and they are not sure what they will most enjoy. For others it is a difficult decision because their friends don't like to play the same sport. No matter (不管) what your sports dilemma is, you have to make the decision that is the best for you. Sports are meant to be fun. If there is a sport you really enjoy but you aren't sure if you can play it well, just try out. 60. What are Kelly's favorite sports?           61. When will Bruce become a high school student?           62. How many kinds of sports can you find in the passage?           63. Why do most students think it is hard to choose a sport in high school?           答案 一、翻译(单词短语翻译) 1. experience 2. travel 3. worry 4. 会议;集会;会面 5. say sorry to sb 6. 去参加聚会 7. get into a fight with sb 二、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子) 8. Will; watch; if 9. about; experience 10. don't; miss 11. What will, do 三、单项选择 12. C 13. C 14. A 15. C 16. B 17. D 18. D 19. B 20. C 21. D 四、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子) 22. Many teenagers 23. will you; don't have 24. got into a fight 25. travel around the world 26. have problems; talk to 五、补全对话(选择) 27. B 28. C 29. A 30. F 31. D 六、单项选择 32. B 33. C 34. C 七、按要求转换句型 35. If you like, you can stay to dinner. 36. If I am free, I will go to the movies. 37. If she comes late, her teacher won't be happy. 38. If it snows, they will stay at home and watch TV. 39. If she doesn't come to my house, I will go to the library. 40. will pass 41. If, take 42. without your help 43. If, use, you'll 44. Don't be, or 八、单项选择 45. A 46. A 47. D 48. C 49. B 50. A 51. B 52. A 53. A 54. A 55. C 56. D 57. C 58. C 59. A 九、阅读与表达(问答式) 60. Basketball and soccer. 61. In just a month. 62. Six. 63. Because they never played an organized sport before, and they are not sure what they will most enjoy. 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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