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2016-2017学年七年级英语同步练习:Unit7 Section B(鲁教版下册含答案)




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Unit7 What's the matter? - Section B 一、翻译(单词短语翻译)(共35小题;共35分) 1. bandage   2. nosebleed   3. 膝盖;膝   4. 生病的;有病的   5. breathe   6. sunburned   7. (用手或器具)击;打   8. 我们自己   9. climber   10. risk   11. 情况;状况   12. 千克;公斤   13. accident   14. rock   15. 刀   16. 离开(某处);不工作   17. blood   18. mean   19. 重要性;重要   20. 决定;抉择   21. control   22. spirit   23. 死;死亡   24. 问题;苦恼   25. nurse   26. 习惯于   27. 冒险   28. 用尽;耗尽   29. 切除   30. 离开;从...出来   31. 掌管;管理   32. 放弃   33. keep on doing sth.   34. be interested in   35. make a decision   二、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子)(共11小题;共11分) 36. 一个男孩在体育课上伤到了自己。 A boy     in P.E. class. 37. 他父母带他去医院,拍了一个X光照片。 His parents took him   the hospital and     X-ray. 38. 阿伦.罗尔斯顿是一位对登山很感兴趣的美国人。 Aron Ralston is an American man     interested in mountain climbing. 39. 作为一名登山者,阿伦习惯了冒险。   a mountain climber, Aron         risks. 40. 有很多次阿伦因为事故差点失去生命。 There were many times when Aron almost lost his life     accidents. 41. 当他的水用完的时候,他知道他将不得不做一些事来拯救他自己的生命。 When his water    , he knew that he would have to do something     his own life. 42. 他用刀把他的右臂砍掉一半。 He used his knife       half his right arm. 43. 然后,他用左手给自己包扎,为的是不会失血过多。 Then, with his left arm, he bandaged himself     he would not lose too much blood. 44. 在失去手臂之后,他写了一本名叫《生死两难》的书。 After   his arm, he wrote a book   Between a Rock and a Hard Place. 45. 在这本书中,阿伦讲述了作出好的决定和掌控自己生命的重要性。 In this book, Aron tells of the     making good decisions, and of         one's life. 46. 阿伦对登山极度热爱,甚至在那次事故之后还继续爬山。 Aron's love for mountain climbing is   great   he       mountains even after that accident. 三、单词拼写(单句首字母填空)(共10小题;共10分) 47. There's something wrong with my n  . 48. Luckily, he didn't h   himself in the traffic accident. 49. He got h   on the head with a bottle. He was in hospital. 50. The mountains are too high. We do not expect untrained(没有训练的) people to take r  . 51. She is looking after her s   mother. Her mother is ill in hospital. 52. You can cut the watermelon with this k  . 53. He hurt himself. There is some b   in his clothes. 54. The little girl wants to be a n   when she grows up. 55. Our English teacher often tells us the i   of learning English well. 56. His parents made a d   that they sent him to a hospital. 四、适当形式填空(单句适当形式)(共10小题;共10分) 57. Betty,  (take) a walk with me. 58. He  (hurt) his leg and couldn't move. 59. My teacher told me  (not speak) Chinese in English class. 60. The old woman has problems  (breathe). 61. Jane is used to  (get) up early in the morning. 62. I got to know the  (important) of keeping healthy. 63. He has two new  (knife). 64. Michael made a  (decide) to learn English well. 65. Can you tell me the  (mean) of the new word? 66. We enjoyed  (us) playing in the water. 五、单项选择(共9小题;共9分) 67. We didn't enjoy the day   the weather was so bad. A. hecanse B. though C. unless D. till 68. The Silk Road was   long that it passed through many countries. A. quite B. too C. very D. so 69. When you leave, please turn off the lights   energy. A. save B. to save C. saving D. saved 70. --- Lily, could you please pass me the  ? I want to cut the apple. --- Sure, here you are. A. pen B. pencil C. book D. knife 71. --- Not only the young but also the old are interested   WeChat. --- Oh, yeah. They can communicate more freely. A. by B. about C. in D. for 72. Don't worry. We're old enough to look after  . A. myself B. me C. ourselves D. us 73. The doctor advised my father to give up  . A. smoke B. smoking C. smokes D. smoked 74. My uncle was   control of a small company. A. for B. in C. to D. on 75. He was badly ill, but he kept on   until 2:00 am. A. work B. working C. worked D. to work 六、按要求转换句型(共5小题;共10分) 76. You must get an X-ray. (改为祈使句)   an X-ray, please. 77. Put a bandage on it. (改为否定句)     a bandage on it. 78. John took her to the hospital to get an X-ray. (对画线部分提问)     her to the hospital to get an X-ray? 79. Someone got hit on the head. (改为一般疑问句)       hit on the head? 80. Kate had a nosebleed yesterday. (对画线部分提问)           Kate yesterday? 七、首字母填空(短文首字母)(共10小题;共10分) Every one may get an i  . If they are ill, they should go to see a d  . Doctors can give different people different a  . If someone has a f  , the doctor will ask him to d   lots of water. If someone has a stomachache, the doctor will ask him to lie down and r  . If someone has a s   throat, the doctor will tell him to drink hot tea w   honey. I think it's important for us to keep h  . Don't you think s  ? 答案 一、翻译(单词短语翻译) 1. 绷带;用绷带包扎 2. 鼻出血 3. knee 4. sick 5. 呼吸 6. 晒伤的 7. hit 8. ourselves 9. 登山者;攀登者 10. 危险;风险;冒险 11. situation 12. kilo 13. 事故;意外遭遇 14. 岩石 15. knife 16. off 17. 血 18. 意思是;打算;意欲 19. importance 20. decision 21. 控制;抑制;管理 22. 勇气;意志 23. death 24. trouble 25. 护士 26. get used to 27. take a risk 28. cut off 29. get out of 30. leave out from 31. be in charge of 32. give up 33. 继续做某事 34. 对……感兴趣 35. 做决定 二、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子) 36. hurt himself 37. to; got an 38. who is 39. As; is used to taking 40. because of 41. ran out; to save 42. to cut off 43. so that 44. losing; named/called 45. importance of; being in control of 46. so; that; kept on climbing 三、单词拼写(单句首字母填空) 47. neck 48. hurt 49. hit 50. risks 51. sick 52. knife 53. blood 54. nurse 55. importance 56. decision 四、适当形式填空(单句适当形式) 57. take 58. hurt 59. not to speak 60. breathing 61. getting 62. importance 63. knives 64. decision 65. meaning 66. ourselves 五、单项选择 67. A 68. D 69. B 70. D 71. C 72. C 73. B 74. B 75. B 六、按要求转换句型 76. Get 77. Don't put 78. Who took 79. Did anyone get 80. What was the matter with 七、首字母填空(短文首字母) 81. illness 82. doctor 83. advice 84. fever 85. drink 86. rest 87. sore 88. with 89. healthy 90. so 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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