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2015-2016学年江苏盐城盐都郭猛中学八年级英语下册导学案:Unit 4《A good read》Welcome to the Unit(牛津译林版新版)




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Unit 4 A good read Period 1 Welcome to the unit 【学习目标】 1.了解不同类别书的英文表达。 2.能用英语谈论喜欢的书及喜欢的原因。 中华资源库 ziyuanku.com3.能养成良好的读书习惯。 重点:能用英语谈论喜欢的书及喜欢的原因。 难点:了解不同类别的书的英文表达。 【自主预习】 一、听录音,预习课本P48-49,试翻译下面的短语。 1.决定怎样处理这些书 2.不得不做某事 3.用他们够到冰箱上的书 4.到达山顶 5.提高我对过去的认识 6.一位法国作家 7.打动某人 8.把某物给某人 9.对……感兴趣 10.在空闲时间 二、翻译句子。 1. 为什么你对历史书如此感兴趣呢? _______________________________________________________ 2. 你已经决定怎样处理这些旧衣服了吗? _______________________________________________________ 3. 你认为这些关于科学的书怎么样? _______________________________________________________ 4.这本书能提高我对过去的认识。 _______________________________________________________ 5. 这个长相丑陋的男子的故事真的触动了我。 _______________________________________________________ 6. 你在业余时间喜欢看什么书? _______________________________________________________ 【盘点收获】 1.Germany n.德国。 His uncle lives in Germany now. 他的叔叔现在住在德国。 German adj.德国的,德国人的,德语的。 n. 德国人(可数名词),复数是Germans。 n. 德语(不可数名词)。 Marx was born in Germany and German was his native language.马克思出生在德国,德语是他的母语。 2.touch vt.感动,触动。 If you cannot move earth by your speech, you may move heaven. 也许你的话语不能感动人,你可以感动天。 vt. 触摸,接触;n. 接触。 She lightly touched his forehead.她轻轻地摸了摸他的前 They sat so close that their heads nearly touched.他们坐得那么近,头都差不多碰到一起了。 keep in touch with……与……保持联系 get in touch with….. 与……取得联系 lose touch with……与……失去联系 3.boring adj.令人讨厌的,无聊的。指人或事物的性质,常在句中作表语,有时也作定语。 That young man is boring. 那个年轻人令人讨厌。 That TV play is really boring.那个电视剧真无聊。 bored adj.感到讨厌的,感到无聊的。 I felt bored at the meeting. 在会议上,我感到无聊。 bore vt 使厌倦,使枯燥。 His long talk bored the listeners.他长时间的演讲使听众厌烦。 The boring lesson makes us bored. 这节枯燥无味的课让我们感到无聊。 【展示交流】 Step1: Lead in Show a picture of a famous book, and ask the students to discuss in groups . (some other types of books.) Step2: Welcome to the unit. Part A 1) Show the pictures in Part A, then present the new words and phrases. 2)Match the pictures with the words. Part B 1) Listen to the tape, answer the question: What is Daniel’s favorite type of book? Why? What about Sandy? 2)Listen to the conversation again. Try to repeat the sentences. 3 ) Make your own dialogue with the words in Part A. Step3: Comic strip. 1)Listen to the dialogue , answer the question: Why does Eddie want the books? Does Eddie like to read? 2) Read after the tape. 3) Work in pairs , act out the dialogue. 中华资源库 Step4: Present the main language points in groups. 【个案补充】 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 【反馈矫正】 一、根据句意及中文提示填写单词。 1. Can you recommend a good (读物) to me ? 2. Some of the apples are hard to (够着). 3. This kind of machine is made in (德国). 4. The door to (知识) is to study. 5. It has (触动,感动) me deeply to see how these people live. 6. He didn’t have (多余的) wheels so he got into trouble. 7. Butler has also written several well-known historical _____________(小说) under the pen-name of Jerry Melville. 8. The famous _____________(作家) comes from Germany. 9. What a terrible plant! This is probably the _____________(丑陋的) plant I’ve ever seen. 二、用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. We want to give our (read) what they want. 2. Last week, I (read) an interesting book.. 3. I usually do some (read) at hone on Sundays. 4. The lecture was so (bore) that some people fell asleep while listening. 中华资源库5. The boring lesson makes us (bore). 6. Both of them are (German). www.ziyuanku.com7. My brother has a good (know) of English. 8. The children decided (clean) their school yard this Friday afternoon. 中华资源库 ziyuanku.com9. I don’t know what _____________(do) next. Could you give me some advice? 10. I can’t remember the name of the book, but if you are ____________(interest) I can find out. 三、单项选择。 ( )1. The shelf is so high that the little boy can't the books on it. A. arrive at B. reach C. get to D. arrive in ( )2. Mother likes to cook all kinds of dishes, so she wants to buy a book about A. health B. cooking C. travel D. culture ( )3. -1 like reading a book. A. Me too B. Me either C. Me also D. Me neither ( )4. The computer doesn't work well. I don't know A. how to do B. what to do it C. how I can do D.what to do ( )5. —Could you tell me how to deal with these problems? ,please. 中华资源库 ziyuanku.com A. Give it to me B. Give me them C. Give them to me D.Give me it ( ) 6. ----It’s raining harder and harder outside. I _______ at home to do some reading. A. must stay B. have to stay C. should stay D. could stay ( ) 7. The shelf is so high that I can’t _______ the books on it. A. get to B. arrive in C. arrive at D. reach ( ) 8. The fridge is used _______ food and fruit. A. to store B. to storing C. for storing D. A & C ( ) 9. ---Could you please tell me how to deal with these magazines? -- ___________, please A. Give it to me B. Give me them C. Give them to me D. Give me it ( ) 10. The play is so ________ that most people feel ________ with it.. A. bored, boring B. bored, bored C. boring, boring D. boring, bored 四、阅读理解。 Anne and Joseph are talking about an interesting question. Why do some people change their names? There can be many reasons. Hanna changed her name to Anne because she thought it would be easier for people to remember. On the other hand, Joseph is thinking about changing his name to an unusual name because he wants to be different. People have a lot of reasons for changing their names. Film stars, singers, sportsmen and some other famous people often change their names because they want names that are not ordinary(平常的), or that have special sound. They chose the “new name” for themselves instead of the name their parents gave them when they were born. Some people have another reason for changing their names. They have moved to a new country and want to use a name that is usual there. For example, Li Kaiming changed his name to Ken Lee when he moved to the United States. He uses the name Ken at his job and at school. But with his family and Chinese friends, he uses Li Kaiming. For some people, using different names makes life easier in their new country. In many countries, a woman changes her family name to her husband’s after she gets married. But today, many women are keeping their own family name and not using their husband’s. Sometimes, women use their own name in some situations and their husband’s in other situations. And some use both their own name and their husband’s. ( )1. Hanna changes her name to Anne because “Anne” is __________ for people to remember. A. louder B. easier C. prettier D. harder ( )2. Some famous people want their new names to ________________. A. have special sound B. be ordinary C. have no meaning D. be unknown ( )3. Mr Li uses his new name when he___________________. A. stays with his family B. is at his job 中华资源库C. is among Chinese friends D. comes back to China ( )4. What is the best title(标题) of this passage? A. Family Names B. Women’s Names C. Changing Names D. Special Names 五、首字母填空。 A wise old father gave each of his three young sons three kernels of corn. He said to t 1 , “My sons, go out into the world, U 2 the corn to bring yourselves good fortune (财富).” The first young man c 3 his three kernels of corn with some beef and ate them. The s 4 thought, “I can do better than that.” He planted his three kernels of corn. A few months l 5 , he harvested (收获). He ate the corn for three meals. The third man said to himself, “I can do b 6 than them!” He also planted his corn. When his corn g 7 up, he gave l/3 to a sweet lady, ate l/3 and planted all the o 8 1/3. A few months later, he had more corn. He w 9 on to plant. At last he had a large area of corn. W 10 his fortune, he not only bought a large piece of land but also won the hand of the sweet lady. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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