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Unit 12《Remember meeting all of you in Grade 6》课件3(12张PPT)(鲁教版九年级)




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特殊的记忆 得到差的成绩 得到满分 获得一个奖 记得做过某事 一个装满了作业的书包 初中的每一年 过去常常 在某方面帮助某人 习惯于做某事 被用来做… 12. 做一个志愿者 13. 以…为骄傲 14. 对…有信心 15. 记得去做某事 Special memories get a bad score get full marks win a prize (win, won, won) remember doing sth. a schoolbag full of homework every year of junior high school used to do help sb. with sth. sb. be/get used to doing sth. sth. be used to do sth. = sth. be used for doing sth. 12. be a volunteer 13. be proud of = take pride in 14. be confident of =have confidence in 15. remember to do sth. Listen to the tape and then fill the 自从他毕业他在没有回到学校。 他曾几害怕他的老师。 妈妈对我的学习要求严格。 我记得见过他一次。 自从他放弃上学已经一年了。 He hasn’t come back to school since he graduated. He used to be scared of his teacher. My mother is strict with me in my study. I remember meeting him once. It’s one year since he gave up going to school. courage (n.) encourage (v.) 鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb. to do sth. 被动: sb. be encouraged to do sth. 我记得被老师鼓励过。 I remember being encouraged by the teacher. 2. 失声 lose one’s voice 3. raise 与 rise raise (vt) + 宾语 (sth.) (raised, raised) “提高,升起” rise (vi.) 只能说“sth. rise (rose)” 不能后面跟宾语 He ______ his voice to make himself ________. (hear) 为慈善机构集资 raise money for charity 谁为慈善机构集了最多的钱? Who raised the most money for charity? raised heard 4. 做…有问题/困难/麻烦 have problems/ difficulty/ trouble doing sth. 他过去说英语又困难,但是现在他习惯于上课说英语。 He used to have problems speaking English, but now he is used to speaking English in class. 5. 英语说得好 speak English well 6. 练习做某事 practice doing sth. 他正在练习弹钢琴。 He is practicing playing the piano. mostly (大部分,主要的) almost (几乎) 2. 自从2004年我就在初中。 I have been at junior high school since 2004. 自从三年前我就住在烟台。 I have lived in Yantai since 3 years ago. 3. 交朋友 make friends (with sb.) 4. fun 不可数名词,前面不可加冠词。但是可以做表语和定语 看人很好玩。 It’s fun to watch people. 玩得高兴 have fun (with) sb. funny 滑稽的,可笑的 a funny claw 5. 我在六七年级在学校表现不是很好。 I didn’t do so well at school in Grades 6 and 7, 9. 我希望在期末考试中做的好。 I hope to do well in the final exam. 6. 幸运的是我的朋友们告诉我了教育对我将来的重要性。 Fortunately, my friends showed me that education is important for my future. 教育的重要性: the importance of education a bit 与 a little区别: a bit = a little + adj. a bit of = a little + n.(不可数名词) 有点冷 a bit cold = a little cold 一点冷水 a bit of cold water = a little cold water not a bit = not at all not a little = very a little/ a bit 可以修饰比较级 8. 又能力去做某事 have the ability to do sth. 喜欢去做某事 would like to do 2. 希望去做某事 hope to do sth. hope that +从句 3. 通过入学考试 pass the entrance exam 4. 信任某人 believe in sb. 5. 我记得你得过奖 I remember you winning the prize. 6. 想要成为 want to be sth. I want to be a millionaire. 7. 我希望有一天去太空。 I hope to go into space one day. 8. 让我们全力以赴 Let’s go for it. 注意前面 没有任何冠词 go for it 全力以赴 9. 我会给你带一个特殊的蛋糕。 I’ll bring a special cake for you. =I’ll bring you a special cake. 10. celebrate 与 congratulate celebrate 意为 “庆祝,恭贺” 一般指过生日,开业等。 congratulate 意为 “祝贺”,指人在在比赛,考试中成功后给与的祝贺。 --I won the first prize! -- Congratulations! I came here to celebrate your twentieth birthday. 11. 自从你开始你的初中你是如何改变的? How have you changed since you started junior high school? 12. 谁帮助你最多? Who helped you the most? 13. 你真期待什么? What are you looking forward to ? 短语动词 phrasal verbs a phrasal verb 2. go for it 全力以赴 = try one’s best to achieve the aim 一旦你下定决心就要全力以赴。 Once you have made your decision, you should go for it. 3. have been doing 现在完成进行时,强调动作, 一直连续不断地做 Why are you looking so tired? 我已经工作了一整天了。 I have been working for the whole day. 我很累因为我刷了一上午的墙。 I am very tired because I have been painting the wall for the whole morning. 4. 你知道动词短语在英语口语中要比书面中用的多。 You know that phrasal verbs are used more when English is spoken than when it is written. 5. 当需要的时候给与帮助 give help where it is needed 6. 对于学英语的学生来说困难在于动词短语理解起来要比你想象的难。 The problem for students of English is that phrasal verbs are more difficult to understand than you think. 7. 看起来简单 look simple look/feel/sound/taste/smell + adj. seem + (to be) adj. 龙看起来很神秘。 The dragon seems mysterious. 食物尝起来美味。 The food tastes delicious. 8. plan to do sth. plan on sth. 计划做某事 make a plan to do sth. 9. 它们计划尽他们最大能力去实现它们的目标。 They plan to do their best to achieve their aim. achieve one’s aim 实现某人的目标 10. 进行时表示将来 go, come, leave等表示位移的动词可以用进行时表示将来。 快点!车马上要走了。 Hurry up! The bus is leaving. 考试马上就来了。 The exam is coming. 问题的答案 the answer to the question 12. 继续做某事 continue to do sth. continue doing sth. 他假装没有看到我,继续工作。 He pretended not to see me and continued working./ to work.



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