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河南省濮阳市范县濮城镇中学仁爱版八年级英语上册导学案:Unit1 Topic2《I'll kick you the ball again》SectionC




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范县濮城镇中学导学案 濮城镇中学 活页导学案 导学案总编号 主备人 张琳艳 审核人 审批人 授课人 授课 时间 班级 姓名 小组 课题 Unit1 Topic2 SectionC 课型 探究课 课时 (1) so that... (引导目的状语从句)为了..., 以便于...。 eg. Uncle John got up early_________________________(以便于他能搭上早班车). I gave him a little food ____________________________(为了他不会饿着) (造句)_______________________________________ (2) so + adj./adv.+ that... (引导结果状语从句)结果..., 以致于... (他还这么小,以致于他不能上学). He is _______ ________ _________he ______ go to school. (他跑的这么快以使他赢得了比赛) He ran______ _______ _______ he won the race. (造句)_______________________________________ (3) invent v.发明,创造。名词形式:a. inventor 发明者,创造者;b. invention发明,发明物 There were also great _________ in ancient China. They________ many great___________. (在古代中国有很多伟大的发明家,他们发明了很多很好的发明。) (4) indoor adj.室内的;----indoors adv.在室内 outdoor adj.室外的;----outdoors adv.在室内 To go/stay indoors ______________________ 4.【课文原句】译文_______’s the score in the basketball game?____________________________ The score in the final was four to three.______________________________ He made(got) a score of 90 in the maths exam.___________________________ (造句)______________________________________________________ b. score v.(在游戏,比赛, 考试中)得(分),进(球) eg. Which player __________ the most? (哪个队员得分最多?) ______ he ________ in the game?(他在比赛中得分了吗?) (2)how to do sth. 怎样做某事。(疑问词+不定式,构成不定式短语)可作主、宾、表、宾补等。类似短语还有: what to do...;where to go... eg. Do you know _______ _________ __________? (你知道去哪吗?) the station?(你能告诉我怎样到达车站吗) Can you tell me_____ ______ ______ _____ 5.【课文原句】译文______________________hen that happens, I usually say, “Would you mind 2___________?” And I don’t like it when shop assistants 3____________ me around. Then I say, “Could you please not follow me around? I’ll ask you if I 4__________ help.” Usually the shop assistants say they are sorry, but sometimes they 5________ mad. If that 6______________, I won’t go to that store again. III、单项选择 ( )1.--Tomorrow I’ll go to Shanghai. Next month I’ll visit Hangzhou. Next year I’ll be in Korea. –That’s a lot of ______________. A. interesting B. traveling C. travelings D. to travel ( )2. –You visit many places of interest every year. –Yes, you’re right. I enjoy ___________. A. go traveling B. to travel C. traveled D. traveling ( )3. This book is very ___________. A. excited B. excites C. exciting D. interested ( )4. –What’s your favorite sport? --_________ is my favorite. A. Play the basketball B. Play basketball C. Playing the basketball D. Playing basketball ( )5. I am a Chinese boy, but Sue is a(an) ___________. A. Russia B. America C. Canadian D. Japan ( 6. Computers are important, but I don’t know _________ work on the Internet. A. where to B. what to C. how to D. when to ( )7. The girl is ________ beautiful. Everyone in her family likes her very much. A. more B. more and more C. more beautiful and D. much and much ( )8.The player has an _________ but _________ life. A. excite; tire B. excited; tired C. exciting; tired D. exciting; tiring V、请按汉语提示完成句子。 1. I ____________ the basketball ____________ the basket yesterday.(把...投进...) 2. Uncle Lee always keeps ________ __________ (让我一直做...)my homework. 3. In 2010, people _______ _________ _________ _________ (遍及全世界的)want to come to Shanghai for the World Expo. 4. _________ ___________ ___________(越来越多) people do sports every day. 5. –I am sorry for what I did. --_______ ________ _______.(没关系) 6. Come in and ________ _______ ________(坐下), please. 总结与反思one of the most popular sports________________ other parts of the world_________________ a history of over a century/over one hundred years __________________invent…for….________________________ At first____________ come into being/be born_______________ for many years_____________________ other countries___________________ throw ….through____________ the other side’s basket ________ any part of the court_______________ follow the rules_______________ for example_______________ hold the ball and run with you______________ good skills____________ be sure to do____________ enjoy playing this popular sport_______________ around the world/all over the world_________________ 知识链接 Hot link【课文原句】’s a lot of traveling. 译文My uncle __________ many interesting places when he was young. I like ___________. (造句)_______________________________________ 【】【课文原句】 ____________________________ as well 同样地,也。如: Will they join us as well?________________________ 【】’m a student._____________________________(我哥哥也是一名学生) (造句)_______________________________________ (2)and ... as well 意为“也, 既......又”, as well 仍在句末。eg. Mr. Lee________________________(既是一名老师又是一名作家.) He sent me a letter and some money as well.___________________________ (造句)_______________________________________ (3) also(也)常用于肯定句中,位于系动词、情态动词之后,行为动词之前。eg. I teach English, ___________________________(他也教英语.) He ____________________________________(他是一名好老师,也是一个好爸爸.) (4) either 也(不) 常用于否定句末。 eg. We tried another way, but that didn’t work either.____________________________- I ______________________________________.(我也不知道这个问题的答案) 3.【课文原句】译文______________________Throw...into...把......投进......; throw ... out of...把......扔出(抛出)...... eg. Tom threw himself into his job._________________________ ________ the box ________ ________ the room, please.(请把这个盒子扔出房间) (2)any (肯定句中)任一。与单数可数名词连用。 eg. Take any_________book you like.(请拿去任何你喜欢的书) ______ _______ _______(任何一名老师都知道) that students learn in different ways. (杰克比他班任何其他一名学生都高) Jack is taller than ______ ________ _________ in his class. 6.【课文原句】译文______________________Our life is getting _________ ________ _________.(我们的生活越来越好) Our city is ________ ________ ________ __________.(我们的城市越来越漂亮) faster and better(翻译)_______________________ 课堂导学与风采展示 1. 重点回顾 根据自主预习的内容,组内核对并相互提问重点短语,句子以及用法 2. 风采展示 1). 分角色朗读1a, 完成1b。 2). 请大家仔细听2 的对话,并完成活动内容。 目标检测 Practice hey are ______________.(Canada) 3. Thomas Edison ____________ many ________. He was a great_________.(invent) 4. When Jay Chou was four years old, he started ___________(play) the piano. 5. They are sure __________(come) tonight. 6. When I finished college, I went ___________(travel) for six months. 7. I believe it __________(be) fine tomorrow. get, happen, wait, follow, help, need I don’t like 1_________ in line when a shop assistant has a long telephone conversation. 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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