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河南省濮阳市范县濮城镇中学仁爱版八年级英语上册导学案:Unit1 Topic2《I'll kick you the ball again》SectionD




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范县濮城镇中学导学案 濮城镇中学 活页导学案 导学案总编号 主备人 张琳艳 审核人 审批人 授课人 授课 时间 班级 姓名 小组 课题 Unit1 Topic2 Section D 课型 探究课 课时 5.【课文原句】I译文______________________【分析点拨】have great fun+doing sth. 非常快乐地做某事 e.g. 1)Yesterday my family had fun at the party. 译文译文’t __________ (训练) with us now. 3. _______ _______ _______ (越来越多) people like watching basketball games in the NBA. 4. I’m tired. Could you please ________ _________ ________ ________ (帮个忙)? 5. You are always so careless. You also miss ________ ________ _________ (一次好机会). 6. — Would you mind not speaking so l_____________? — I’m sorry about that. 7. All the football players must ___________(遵守) the football rules. 8. Edison(爱迪生) i__________ the electric light(电灯). 9. Do you know how to s_________ in the game? 10. Let’s play sports i________ of watching TV. II.单项选择。 ( ) 1. — Would you mind doing the dishes? — ____ A. Certainly. B. Of course not. I’ll do them in a minute. C. Sorry, I won’t. D. Yes, I mind. ( ) 2. Would you please ____ to the zoo? A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walks ( ) 3. ?Why Lily go shopping with us this Saturday? ?Iin’ve no idea. She often her grandfather every weekend. A. won’t; visits B. not; will visit C. won’t; will visit D. don’t; visits ( ) 4. They are busy ____ now ____ themselves up. A. exercise; building B. doing sports; cheer C. exercising; to build D. do sports; build ( ) 5. Keep ____ English, and you will improve your oral English(口语). A. to speak B. speaking C. speak D. speaks ( ) 6. Kangkang’s mother has great fun ____, and looks fit. A. run B. to run C. runs D. running Ⅳ.阅读理解。 Mary likes sports. There is going to be a sports meet in her school on May 4. She will take part in the high jump and the long jump, and the other girls in her class are sure she will win both. Then ten days before the sports meet, when Mary climbed a hill, she was wounded(受伤in her left leg. Her first thought was the sports meet. Would her leg be all right by May 4? Four of her friends sent her to hospital. The doctor said it was not serious. Mary’s left leg was much better by the end of April, and on May 4 she was able to(能会) run and jump at the sports meet.. Mary would take part in ____. A. the high jump B. the long jump C. the hill-climbing race D. A and B ( ) 2. When was Mary wounded in her leg?  A. May 4. B. April 24. C. April 23. D. May 14. ( ) 3. — What was Mary’s first thought when she was wounded? —It was whether ____. A. her leg was broken B. she could go to hospital C. she could go to school or notD. she could take part in the sports meet ( ) 4. Why did the doctor say she would be better soon? A. Because Mary was not badly wounded. B. Because Mary was sent to hospital in time. C. Because Mary was strong enough. D. Because Mary had a lot of time before the sports. ( ) 5. Which of the following is true?  A. Mary could not enter herself for the sports meet. B. Mary won the high and long jump at last. C. Mary took part in the sports meet. D. Mary was only able to watch the sports meet. V. 书面表达。 根据中文意思和英文提示以“Working Hard and Keeping Fit”为题写一篇80个词左右的短文。 反思与总结 学法指导栏 学习 目标 学习复合形容词的用法。 学习 重点 复习本话题重点语句 教师“复备栏”或学生“笔记栏” 自主学习: in English life____________ such as___________ a fast game___________ lots of people just for fun__________- with hundreds of years’ history_________ turn…into…._______ play on grass_____________ by two teams of eleven players_________ wear white clothes_________ score points by hitting the ball with a bat__________________ _sit around_____________________ enjoy the sun_____________ _have drinks_____________ watch the team games____________________ 知识链接 Hot link【课文原句】I am a 15-year-old boy and I’m quite healthy.译文________________ 【分析点拨】【课文原句】I was fat. 译文________________ 【比较】二者都意为“可是,但是”; but是并列名词,连接两个并列分句,上下二句在总的意义上构成了对比。 我实在是不喜欢吃奶酪,但是这次我要尝一点。 I really don't like cheese, ______I will try just a little this time. however不能直接连接两个分句,必须另起新句,并用逗号隔开。 It was raining hard., we went out to look for the boy. 雨下得很大,不过我们还是出去寻找那个孩子1.however比but用的场合更正式, however用于书面语,而but 常用于口语. 2.however后有"," 而but 没有 3. however的其它用法: however可以作连词(conj.),表示“无论以何种方式,不管怎样”,引导让步状语从句。例如: You can travel however you like.你可以随心所欲地去旅行。 However I approached the problem, I couldn’t find a solution. 这一问题我不管怎样都无法解决。 【课文原句】I译文______________________【分析点拨】 _____________ sound interesting_____________ turn warm_____________ look hungry_____________  4. 【课文原句】I译文______________________【分析点拨】’s stay at home watching TV instead of going to the movie. ( ) 7. — Will you join us? — ____. A. Not very often B. Around an hour C. I hope not D. Of course, I’d be glad to ( ) 8. This is a ____ passage(短文). Can you read it for me? A. 200 word B. 200-word C. 200-words D. 200 of words ( ) 9. — Don’t worry, Madam. Your daughter will be ____ soon. — Thank you, doctor. A. nice B. good C. well D. right ( ) 10. At last, we decided(决定) to go hiking instead of ____. A. go shopping B. going shop C. go shop D. going shopping III.情景交际。从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。 A: There will be a football game at the Children’s Palace tomorrow afternoon. Do you know? B: 1 Shall we go and watch it? A. Taking a bus is much better. B. Why not? C. Really? D. Where are we going to meet? E. Sorry, I don’t like riding a bike. A: 2 Let’s go at half past two.  B: 3 A: On the road outside the school gate.  B: Would you mind going there by bike? A: 4 I like taking a bus.  B: 5 Let’s go there by bus.  A: OK. See you tomorrow.  B: See you tomorrow. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. IV.完形填空。 What should we do to stay healthy? One important rule is to exercise 1 . The Lee’s family try to exercise every day. Lee Fang 2 exercise in the morning because he must be at his job at exactly seven o’clock. But he runs every evening. He would rather run than watch TV. He walks a lot, 3 . He walks to school every day, and after school he 4 different sports with his friends. Lee Fang goes to a yoga(瑜伽) class . But it wasn’t 6 this way. Last year Mr. and Mrs. Lee used to 7 everywhere, even to the drugstore(药店) two blocks(街区) away. They thought they had to use the car all the time. They wouldn’t walk. The Lee’s all better now. And they believe you mustn’t be lazy. You 9 exercise every day. But you should 10 to get in shape and stay in shape(身体健康. ( ) 1. A. often B. sometimes C. late D. later ( ) 2. A. may not B. can not C. would D. should not ( ) 3. A. either B. also C. too D. again ( ) 4. A. watches B. plays C. loves D. practises ( ) 5. A. in two weeks B. for two weeks C. after two weeks D. twice a week ( ) 6. A. always B. seldom C. usually D. sometimes ( ) 7. A. ride B. drive C. fly D. walk ( ) 8. A. had B. make C. feel D. feel like ( ) 9. A. needn’t B. don’t C. won’t have to D. mustn’t ( ) 10. A. try B. want C. wish D. hope 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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