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山东省文登实验中学九年级上册英语《Unit 1 What would yo do》if…:集中识词 学案(鲁教版学生)

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学习目标: 1.根据音标熟读单词 2.根据自学提示,自学单词并在课本上做好笔记。 3.分三部分熟练记忆和应用第一单元单词。 自学指导与点拨升华: 1.million, millions of , 5 million hundred, 百thousand, 千 million, 百万 billion, 十亿 1)I can see m________________ of stars in the sky at night. 2)What would you do if you had 5 m_____________________ dollars? 2. medical, adj. medical research, medicine, un. take some medicine take some pills 他把他的全部精力都投入到了医学研究中。 He puts all his energy into m_________ research. 3. tie, n. 戴领带wear a tie 4. worry n. worry v. worry about worried adj. be worried about 现在的青少年有许多困扰。Teenagers today have lots of w_______________. 不要担心你的儿子,他已经脱离危险了。 Don’t w___________ about your son .He is __________ __________ danger. 5.what if = what will happen if sb …要是他迟到了会怎样? what will happen if he is late?= what if he is late? 要是别人都来了礼物会怎样?What if everyone e________________ brings gifts? 6. 长丘疹 get pimples我一紧张就容易长丘疹。 I easily get p________ as soon as I get n________ 7. exam= examination 同义词 test pass an exam fail an exam take an exam entrance examination 入学考试 我盼望着能通过这次入学考试。 I am l__________ forward to p__________ the entrance examination. 他考试时间用完了,所以考试失败了。 He r____________ out of his time so he f_________ the exam. 8. energetic adj. energy n. 他们是有着活力的乐队。They are musical groups that h__________lots of e_________________. 我喜欢充满活力的年轻人。 I like young people who are e________________. I like young people who are full of e________. Section B 1.confident, adj. be confident confidence n. have confidence in doing 他有信心通过这次考试。 He has c_________________ in passing the exam. 他相当有自信。 He is fairly c_____________________. 类似的词性变化: different, difference, 但是 difficult, difficulty 2.permission , n. with one’s permission : 在允许之下 without one’s permission :未经允许 ask one’s permission:请求许可 如果你想用这本字典,你要问Tom同意才行。 If you want to use this dictionary, you have to ________________ __________ _______________. 在经过父母的同意之后,你才能外出。 You can go out after ______ _______ _________ _______. 没经过我的同意,他拿走了我的钢笔。 He ___________ ________ my pen ________ ____________ _______________. 3. herself yourself myself himself itself themselves yourselves ourselves 1)请随便吃写鱼吧,孩子们。 Help y_________________ to some fish, children. 2. )They enjoyed ___________________ in the park. 3.)Tom teaches _________________ Chinese. He learns Chinese by ___________________. 4.)”That’s all right.” she said to __________________.(自言自语的说) 4.bother, 很抱歉打扰你。I’m sorry to __________ __________. 5. slight, slightest, not… in the slightest =not …at all 他一点也不在乎别人。 He doesn’t c______ about others at all. 6. fairly, 他还算是自信的。 He is _______________ _____________. quite, ==very 他非常自信。他是个非常自信的男孩。 He is ____________ _______________. He is quite __________ ______________ boy. 7. annoy v. annoyed adj. be / get annoyed ( with sb) be / get angry with sb 他所说的话让我很恼火。What he said ____________ ______________. 当有人插队时,我就很恼火。 I _______ __________,when someone ________ _________ _______. 8.plenty of + 名词 他从不无聊,因为他有够多的朋友。He never gets b________because he has plenty of __________. 他有足够的时间为考试作准备。He has _____________ ______ ______ to get ready for the exam. 9. get along with = get on with get along well with 提问well 用 __________. 你和同学相处的怎样?我们彼此相处的不错。 _______ do you ______ _______ _____ your classmates?We get on _____ with ______ _________. get on : 事情进展: Everything gets on well here. 10. circle: have a small circle of good friends 他很内向,朋友不多。He is shy and he has a ___________ _________ ___ _______ _______. 11. listener n. listen v. listening n. listening skills, 她话不多,但她是个好的听众。She doesn’t talk ________ ________. But she is a good _________. We should l___________ __________the teacher carefully in class. L________________ to the tapes can improve your l____________ skills. 12. knowledgeable adj. knowledge un. know v. knew, known be known as / for / to be famous as / for / to the best-known = the most famous 李老师是个知识渊博的人。他熟知化学。 Mr. Li is ____________. He _______a lot about chemistry. He has much ________ about chemistry. 鲁迅是中国知名的作家。 Lu Xun is ____________________ ___________ a writer in China. Lun Xun is ________________ ______________ his books. Lun Xun is _________________ __________________ Chinese 13. represent v. 花象征着爱,幸福,欢乐以及所有积极的情感。 Flowers ______________ love, happiness, joy and all the positive feelings. 他代表我们大家参加了这个会议。 He r________________ us to attend the meeting. 14. let sb down let sb in 我们努力学习,因为我们不想让父母失望。 We work hard because we don’t want ______ ________ ___________ __________ ___________. 昨天他又迟到了,老师没让他进去。 He was late again , the teacher ________ ____________ ____________ _________________. 15. come up with = think up 他想出的主意效果不错。The strategies that he _____ ___ _____ _______ _______ _______. 他们想出了好多解决这个问题的主意。 They __________ _____ ______ many ideas to ________ the problem. 16.rest n. the rest of rest room have a rest = have a break rest v. 今天下午我要做剩下的作业。I ‘ll do _______ _________ _________my homework this afternoon. 我们去打球,你们这些剩下的人做什么? We’ll play basketball, What will ______________ ______________ ______________ ________ do? Reading 1. aid, provide aid for sb, provide sb with aid first-aid book 2. nearby a village nearby, a nearby village 3. shelf , shelves, bookshelf scarf, scarfs, scarves knife, knives, wife, wives 4. come out In spring, flowers __________________ ______________ . 他的书上月出版了。 His book _________________ ________________last month. 5. cover v./ n. cover sth with sth. be covered with … discover: 发现 这本书一定是Tom 的,因为他的名字在书皮上。 This book must be __________________because his name is on the _______________. 喜马拉雅山顶终年覆盖着白雪。 The Hyalines ___________ _____________ ____________snow_______ _________ __________. 是谁发现了美洲?Who d_________________ America? 6. press v. press a button press sth hard pressure n. under too much pressure 今天的青少年面临太多的压力。Teenagers today are ___________ _____ ________ _________. 用力摁住伤口, 止血。___________________ the cut _______________to stop bleeding. 7. deep 这条河有20米深。The river is about 20 meters ________________. 这条河太深,不能在里面游泳。 The river is _______________ __________________ ____________ swim in it. 8.downstairs: go downstairs 9. correct adj= right 改正错误: correct your mistakes 10. burn v./ n. burnt, burnt , burned 昨天做饭时,我不小心烧到了手。 I __________________ my hand by accident when I cooked dinner yesterday. 凉的流动水对治疗小烧伤有一定作用。 Cold running water is helpful to treat a small _______________. burned :烧伤了的 burned hand 11.knee n. hurt one’s knee, injure one’s knee: 伤到了膝盖 12.pain n. No pains , no gains 13. hurt vt. 使受伤, hurt, hurt vi. 感到疼痛 昨天他伤到了膝盖。He ______________ his knee yesterday. 他感冒了,头疼的厉害。 He had a cold and his head h___________ a lot. 14.offer offer sb sth= offer sth to sb provide sb with sth= provide sth for sb. 你能为我们提供一些有关旅游地点的信息吗? Can you ___________________ _______________ with some ______________ about travel spots? Can you _____________ ________________ _________________ about travel spots for us? Can you _________________ ________________some information about travel spots? 15. refuse v. refuse to do sth . refuse an invitation/ gift accept an invitation/ gift receive an invitation/ gift 16. helpful adj. be helpful to do useful, careful, 17. treat: 对待, 治疗,处理, 处理小烧伤, treat a small burn treatment : 治疗措施, 处理措施 first-aid treatment: 急救治疗、措施 18. hide: 藏, hide sth from sb, 把某物藏起来不让某人看到 请把这些药藏起来,以免孩子看到。 Hide the medicine from the kids, please. 达标检测: 一.根据提示补全单词 1. We want him to r______________ us to have the party. 2. Don’t spit in a p____________ place. 3. Please put the ______(烧伤的)area under cold running water when you are hurt by hot water. 4.It’s ______________________(正确的)to speak to the old politely. 5. The hole is two meters d_____________________. 6. A book is h________________________to us. We can get much knowledge from it. 7.Tom gave me some flowers, but I ______________________(拒绝). 8. If I were you, I would give it to medical r______________________ 1.He is an outgoing and fairly c_____________________ boy. He never fears any difficulty. 2.He is seriously ill. He needs m___________ care. 3.Have you ever borrowed your friend’s things without p________________________? 4.Do you get n___________________ before the big exams? 5.If I were you, I’d take a long walk before g____________ to bed? 6.Taking a long walk before going to bed can help you r__________________. 7.My science teacher is k____________ , he knows almost everything. 8.Tim will r_______________his class in the English speech contest. 9.What should I tell the r___________________ of the students? 10.Parents must always h____________________ medicine from children. Unit 1 What would you do? Grammar 学习目标:1.掌握虚拟语气的结构与用法. If 条件句的两种用法,if 引导宾语从句的用法。 自学指导:虚拟语气:     英语中语气分为三类: 陈述语气、祈使语气、虚拟语气。     如果我们所说的不是事实,也不是要求、命令、劝告等,而只是假设、愿望、建议或一种实现不了的空想,就用虚拟语气。 注意: 条件句分两种, 真实条件句和虚拟条件句。只有在虚拟(非真实)条件句中, 才用虚拟语气, 而在真实条件句中, 要用陈述语气。 请比较: (1). If it is sunny tomorrow, we’ll go to the zoo. 如果明天天气好, 我们将会去公园。 在这句话中, 明天天气好是完全有可能实现的, 并非虚拟、幻想, 因此是真实条件句。 (2). If I were you , I would go at once. (如果我是你的话, 我立刻就走。) 这句话是条件句 “如果我是你”, 但事实上, 我不可能成为你, 这只是假设的情况, 没有实现的可能。当条件实现的可能性很小, 甚至可以说没有时, 就需要用虚拟语气来表示, 动词发生了变化。 1. If I had time, I would go for a walk. (事实上我现在没有时间,不能去散步.) 2. If I were invited, I would go to the dinner.(事实上没有人邀请我,我也不能去参加宴会.) 3.If I had a million dollars, I would put it in the bank. (事实上我没有一百万美元,也不可能存入银行.) 点拨升华:也就是说虚拟语气表示和现实的事实相反时用 “If +主语+过去式/were…, 主语+should/ would/ could/ might +动词原形” 。 虚拟语气中,be动词只能用were, 而不能用was。 :如果我是你,我立刻就走.如果你在狮子笼里,你会怎么做? ’s cage? 如果我在狮子笼里,我会大呼救命.’s cage, I__________ __________ for help. 如果我是小鸟,我会在空中翱翔. : 1. If I come, I _______________ (see) you. 2. If it is fine, we ______________ (go) for a walk. 3. If it rained, they _______________ (stay) at home. 4. You will spoil it if you ________________ (not be) careful. 5. They would be very much happy if you ______________ (come). 6. If you eat too much, you _______________ (get) ill. 7. He would answer if he _________________ (can). 8. He will get wet if it __________________ (rain). 9. What you (do )if you had a lot of money ? 10. What would you do if you (win) millions of dollars ? 11. If I (be ) you , I’d go to see a film. 12. If I were you , I ___________ ______________ ______________ ___________(就会马上去). 13. If I got much money , I’d give it to (医学研究). 用括号内的词的适当形式填空。 1.---What are you doing this evening?  ---I’m not sure. If there _______ (not be) anything good on TV. I think I ___________ (read) a detective story. Or maybe I _____________(go) to bed early. 2.---What time will Kate be home? ---If I _________(know) I ________(tell) you. But unfortunately, she didn’t say anything about it.  ---Well, if she ____________(get) home before 10:00, please _____________(tell) her to call me. 3. ---I’m so stressed out.  ---It’s none of my business, but if I ____________(be) you, I _____________(take) some time off. Unit 1 What would you do? Section A(1a—2c) 学习目标:1.掌握虚拟语气的结构与用法,灵活应用重点短语。 难点、重点:虚拟语气的用法 : 一百万美元 几百万人 把钱捐给 慈善事业 把它存入银行 买小吃 医学研究 聚会迟到 做什么 如何做 在聚会上 担心 晚一点 不得不去 如果…将会如何 带小礼物来 根据汉语提示完成句子。 1.如果你有一百万美元,你会做什么? What ____ you do if you a million dollars? 2.他不知道该穿什么。 He doesn’t know ___________ . 3.假如我是你,我会穿衬衣打领带。 If I you,I _______a shirt and tie. 4.要是我谁也不认识怎么办? I don’t know anyone? 5.他不知道他是否应该带一件礼物来。He doesn’t know ______ he should ________ a present. 6.你不应该担心别人穿什么。You shouldn’t _________ ________ what others are wearing. 7.如果你谁也不认识,你可以跟Tom 交谈。 If you don’t know _______, you can _________ ______Tom. 8.如果我有足够的钱,我将周游世界。 If I ____________ enough money, I ___________ ______________ all over the world. 9.如果她有空,她会来看你。 If she _____________ free, she _______________ _______________ to see you. 合作探究 2a, 2b 改写: Larry’s worries Larry is going to Tom’s party but he is a little n__________because he doesn’t know ______ ___________ _______. Larry’s sister said if she __________ Larry, she __________ ________a shirt and tie. But Larry was worried about what if everybody _________ was wearing jeans and T-shirts. Larry also _________ _________ if he brought a present or not. His sister said he could keep a pen in his pocket. And if he didn’t know anyone, he could talk to Tom. If he was still nervous, he could leave. 达标一.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.What would you do if you (have)no time to go to your friend’s birthday party? 2.If I ______ (be)you,I’d put the money in the bank. 3.If it ______ (rain)tomorrow,I’11 stay at home. 4.I don’t know what ______ (do)next.5.What if everyone else (buy)snacks? 二.单项选择 _________ students like playing basketball in China.A.Million of B.Millions of C. Ten millions D.Ten million of 2.You shouldn’t worry about other people are wearing. A.what B.why C.how D.where 3.一一Don’t be ____ for school next time.------Sorry,1 won’t. A.1ately B.1ate C.early D.earlier 4.I don’t know if my aunt tomorrow.If she ,I will go to the concert with her. A.comes;comes B.will come;will come C.will come;comes D.comes;will come 5.一Can you tell me the way to the hospital? 一Sorry. Please ask__________ . A.anyone else B.else anyone C.someone else D.else someone Unit 1 What would you do? Section A 3a 学习目标:1.掌握虚拟语气的结构与用法,灵活应用重点短语。 难点、重点:虚拟语气用法 : 选什么 买哪一个 变得生气 考试之前 吃午饭之前 看上去自信 感觉紧张 太小不能上学 太激动说不出话 帮助我学习英语 帮助你放松 大量的水 看上去有好的某个人 英语说得很好的某个人 正和老师谈话的男孩 妈妈买给我的钢笔 你吃的食物 我们喝的水 带礼物 起疙瘩 看上去很糟糕 太累了做不好 帮助解决这个难题 长距离散睡觉之前 感觉害羞 1. 我实在是腼腆,并且我不喜欢晚会。I’m really shy and I just don’t _______ ________ ______ . 2. 如果我是你,我就会在睡觉前多散一会步。If I _______ you, I’d take a long walk before ________ to bed. 3. 因此我累得做不好事情。Then I’m _______________ tired ________________ do well. Then I’m __________ tired that I _________ do well. 4. 我将和看上去友好的人说话。I’d talk to someone who ____________ ____________ . 5.晚饭后散步有助于我们的健康。Walking after dinner ____________ __________ our health. 6.他上周日帮我学习物理了。He _________ me _____________ my physics last Sunday. 7.让我们帮助那位老人过马路吧。Let’s ____________ the old man ___________ across the road. 8.活到老,学到老。It is never ____________ old _____________ learn. 9.The patient is so weak that he can’t walk. (改同义句)The patient is _____ weak _______ walk. 3a 改写: Mouse is too s_____ to e___________ parties. He doesn’t know_______ _____ or do. I think if I _____ him, I ______ _____ to someone _______ looks friendly.Then he won’t______ ________ _____. Spotty g_______ __________ before big parties. I think if I __________ him, I ____________ ____________ lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. The foods he eats could ____________this problem. Sleepless is too nervous to __________the night before t__________ a big exam.So he is too _______ _____ ______ well. I think if I were him, I __________ _________ _________ __________ ________ before I go to bed. That would help him __________. 达标检测: 1.My mother often reads a newspaper before ____ (go) to bed. 2. He is too tired _______ (walk). 3.Do you like to make friends with someone who ______________ (look) quiet? 4. Let me _______________ (help) with the housework. 5. The old man feels ______________ (terrible), maybe he is _______________ (terrible) ill. 1.---Is there _______in today’s newspaper? ---Yes. Shenzhou Ⅵ will be sent. A. nothing new B. new nothing C. anything new D. new anything 2.Nanjing is a city with many places of interest._________ tourists come here. A. Million of B. Million C. Ten millions D. Millions of 3.Mr Zhang speaks so quietly that I can ___ hear him.A. hardly B. hard C. nearly D. really 4---Would you please show me your new MP3? ---All right. I’ll _______it here tomorrow. A. carry B. take C. bring D. put Section B 1a---2c 学习目标 1.灵活应用虚拟语气 2.if 的用法( 条件状语从句,宾语从句 ,虚拟语气) 3.描绘外貌和性格 4.灵活应用短语 : 害怕做某事 在公共场合 几乎不 要求某人做某事 做演讲 在…前面 整个学校 不经允许 告诉某人做某事 征得我的允许 下次 开始做某事 出演一部电影 和某人交朋友 介绍我自己给… 邀请某人做某事 等待 根据汉语提示完成句子 1.自信的人不怕在公共场所讲演。Confident people _______ _____ _______ speak in public. 2.如果你弟弟没有经过允许借了你的衣服,你会怎么做? What would you do if your brother borrowed your clothes ? 3.如果老师让你在全校面前演讲,你会做什么? What __________ you __________ if the teacher ___________ you _________ __________ a speech in front of the ___________ school? 4.如果你的哥哥不经允许借走你的衣服,你会如何? What would you do if your brother borrowed your clothes ______________ ________________? 5我会开始不经允许借他的衣服。 I would start ________________ his clothes __________________ _________________. 6.我不会说什么。I wouldn’t ________________ _________________. 5.如果有人让你出演一部电影你会怎么做? What would you do if someone asked you______________ ______________ in a movie? 6.我会问是否我的朋友也可以出演。 I would ask _________________ my friends could be in the movie too. 7.如果你想和一个新学生交朋友你会怎么做? What would you do if you wanted ______________ _____________ friends with a new students? 8.我会等待他向我做自我介绍。 I would ______________ ______________ him to introduce _____________ to me. 9.我会邀请他在我家吃晚饭。I would ______________ her _____ __________ dinner at my house. 达标一.单项选择 1.Drivers usually sit the car when they drive. A.in front of B.in the front of C.at front of D.in back of 2.一P1ease introduce to us,Tony. 一OK. A.yourself B.himself C. myself D.herself 3.一What’s your brother like? --- . A.He is 18 B.He is fine C.He likes sports D.He is creative and outgoing 4.Jessie wants to be a movie when she grows up. A.at B.on C.in D.with 5.What would you do if someone you to take part in a contest? A asks B ask C asked D asking 6.There is________in today’s newspaper.You needn’t read it. A.something interesting B.anything interestingC.nothing new D.new nothing 7..Do what you want to do.You shouldn’t___________ whether it will be a success or not. A.worry about B.worried about C. be worry about D.be afraid 8.My father went to work without ____________ breakfast this morning. A.eat B.eats C.eating D.ate 9.My best friend invited me ______ the concert with him.A.go B.go to C.to go D.to go to 10.There is a tall tree___________ my house. A.in front of B.in the front of C.in the front D.in front Section B (3a and self check) 学习目标 会描述性格特征 2.灵活应用短语。难点、重点 :灵活应用以下短语 : 绝大多数问题 相当自信 你想要的 如何得到它 得到什么 惹恼某人 其他人的陪伴 最大的公司之一 容易相处 容易照顾 喜欢做某事 一两个人 比起…更喜欢做… 宁愿做而不做 一个小的好朋 友的圈子 说你的坏话 立刻 考虑 他说的 整天 做演讲 说话时感到紧张 对人们友好 吃坏东西 午餐时间 事实上 说话很多 想让某人做某事 代表某人去做… 英语说得好 名列前茅 害怕说话 想出 问题的解决办法 其他的学生 根据汉语提示完成句子 1.有时因为你过分自信而惹恼人。 Sometimes you might people because you’re so . 2.你有许多朋友,而且你喜欢别人的陪伴。 You have friends,and you enjoy the of other people. 3.你的朋友很可能认为你是一个很容易相处的人。 Your friends would probably say that you are to . 4.如果有朋友背后说你坏话,你会立即去找他吗? If a friend said about you,would you talk to the friend ? 5.水池里有充足的水。There is _____________ _________________ water in the pool. 6.篮子里有很多苹果。There are ______________ _______________ apples in the basket. 7.我宁愿一整天待在家里。I ________________ ______________ stay at home all day. 8.我宁可用那辆旧的小汽车也不愿买一辆新的。 I _____________ _______________ use the old car _______________ buy a new one 9..事实上,她在学校考试中总得第一。 she always _________ the school exams. 达标:一.单项选择 1.If a friend said something bad you,what would you do?A.on B.to C.about D.for 2.She is a person who is easy . A.get along B.to get along C.get along with D.to get along with 3.He an answer to the question in the end. A.came up B.came up with C.came over D.came along 4. I would rather at home than to the movies. A.stay;go B.staying;going C.to stay;to go D.stay;to go 5.1 will study hard and won’t let my parents .A.on B.up C.down D.in 二. He must ask his mother’s _______________ (permit) if he wants to go out on school nights. She enjoyed _______________ (she) at the party last night. I can’t pass the exam ____________________ (with) the teacher’s help. 4. Are you afraid ________________ (climb) the tree? Though he is very old, he is very _____________ (energy). He takes exercise every day. Reading 学习目标能速读文章,找到有效信息2..掌握重点短语 2.难点、重点: 灵活应用以下短语 自主: 因为…而出名 作为…而出名 处理青少年问题的经验 出版 关于…的建议 不小心,意外地 匆忙去做 快点 摔下楼 用…..覆盖 用力摁 深的伤口 使某人舒服 让某人做某事 烫着自己 伤着膝盖 停止运动 给某人提供某物 藏在某人找不到的地方 单独去 在公共场所 向某人…寻求某物 根据汉语提示完成句子 1.如果你意外划伤自己,你会怎么办? What would you do if you cut yourself ___ ? 2.你应该用一块干净的布包住伤口,并且用力摁住。 You should cover the cut a clean cloth and it hard. 3.然后在流动的冷水下冲洗烧伤的部位。 Then put the ______ area under cold _________ water. 4.如果一位朋友在晚会上递给你香烟。你当然应该拒绝! A friend you cigarettes at a party.Of course you should _ ! 5.你必须把药品藏起来,远离孩子。 You must always medicine children. 写出下列小事故的处理办法:What are the solutions to these accidents? 1. Cut yourself-- 2. Fall downstairs-- 3. Burn yourself--- 4. Injure your knee while running--- 找到这些问题的处理办法:Find the problems in the second page. 1.Friends offer you cigarettes. a. You can smoke a little. b. You should refuse. c. Talk to him about the dangers of smoking. 2.Children eat medicine as candy. a. Medicine is candy. b. Put it anywhere. c. Hide it from kids. 3.“Internet friend” ask you to meet. a. Meet alone. b. Ask parents’ permission. c. Meet in a public place. 4.Get pimples. a. Drink more water. b. Stay up late. c. Ask doctors for help. 达标检测 一.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.When I saw the accident,I hurried _________ (call)the police. 2.He carried the boy to ___________ (safe). 3.The news made her _________ (feel)disappointed. 4. He agreed _________ (meet)his internet friend in public. 5.If I felt some pain,I’d stop _________ (exercise). 二.单项选择 1.Please give me some advice how to get on well with classmates. A.in B.on C.to D.of 2.Tim refused the party because he was busy.A.go B.to go C.to go to D.going 3.There is a wallet on the ground.Whose is it? A.1ie B.1ying C.1ies D.1ay 4.My mother got when she was cooking.A.burn B.burning C.burned D.to burn 5.---Mary,1 don’t know to go to school. 一Why don’t you wear this blue skirt? A.when to wear B.how do wear C.what to wear D.wear what 6.The book is______interesting_______ we all want to read it . A.too, to B.so, that C.such, that D.too, so that 7.How I wish I _______ to the moon. A. fly B. can fly C. could fly D.will fly 8.What _____ you do if you won the game? A. will B. would C.shall D.are Unit1短语句子 短语: 1.把它存进银行 put it in the bank 2.买零食 buy snacks 3.把它捐给慈善机构give it to charity 4.医药研究medical research 5.干……迟到be late for 6.带一份小礼物bring a small gift 7.担心worry about 8.如果……将会怎么样?what if 9.紧张的be nervous 10.长痘痘 get pimples 11.太……以至于不能……too...to 12.水果和蔬菜fruits and vegetables 13.帮助……放松help sb relax 14.对……友好的be friendly to 15.制造很多麻烦make a lot of trouble 16.害怕做某事be afraid to do 17.在公共场所in public 18.几乎不hardly ever 19.看起来像look like 20.做演讲give a speech 21.在……的前面 in front of 22.感冒have a cold 23.未经允许 without permission 24.允许某人做某事allow sb to do 25.下一次 next time 26.交朋友 be friends 27.自我介绍 introduce oneself 28.邀请某人干某事 invite sb to do 29.社会环境social situations 30.一点也不not at all 31.相当自信的pretty confident 32.很多的plenty of 33.与……相处 get on/ along with 34.宁可干……而不愿做……would rather do than do 35.立刻right away 36.整天 all day 37.实际上in fact 38.名列前茅come top 49.英语演讲比赛 English speech contest 40.使……失望let sb down 41.想出 come up with 42.想出think up/ think of 43.其他的学生 the rest of the students 44.一本急救书 a first-aid book 45.处理deal with 46.出版come out 47.在……方面给出建议give advice on …. 48.意外的 by accident 59.匆忙干某事 hurry to do 50.摔到楼下 fall downstairs 51.得到医疗救助get medical help 52.找出 find out 53.将某物藏到某人找不到的地方 hide sth from sb 54.单独去 go alone 句子如果你有一百万美金,你会怎么做? 2.如果我是你,我会很紧张。I were you, I’d get nervous. 3.如果我不穿西装打领带怎么办?I don’t wear a shirt and tie. 4.如果我是你,我就和看上去友好的人交谈。I were you, I’d talk to someone who looks friendly. 5.我在大型考试前好紧张,然后长疙瘩。 Iand then I get pimples. 6.你不害怕在公共场所讲话是因为你外向并且相当自信。 ’t afraid to give a speech in public because you are outgoing and pretty confident. 7.如果你哥哥没经过你的允许借你的衣服怎么办?如果老师让你在全校前做演讲怎么办? would you do if your teacher asked you to give a speech in front of the whole school? 9.社会环境根本不会困扰到你。 ’t bother you in the slightest. 10.有时候因为你太自信会惹恼别人。’re so confident. 11.你宁可呆在家也不去参加聚会。 12.如果一个朋友说我坏话,我会立刻和这个朋友谈谈。I would talk to the friend right away. 13.老师想让他代表全班参加学校的比赛。他是一位在处理青少年问题有着丰富经验的医生。 你应该同意和他在公共场所见面。 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com 初中学习网,资料共分享!我们负责传递知识!www.czxxw.com



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